Attendance Policy

2017 - 2018

Clearing Absences

A parent or guardian must clear all absences with a note or a

telephone call to the Attendance Office at (510)723-3825 Ext 9


Students who are successful in school are usually those who have

good attendance and arrive to school on time.  If students are to get

the most from their educations, they need to attend school 100% of

the time.

The ONLY valid excuses for absences from school are defined

by State Law are:

         ► Illness or quarantine.

         ►Medical, dental, or optometric appointments (all appointments

             should be made after school hours).

         ►Attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member.

         ►Court appearances.

                            All other absences are UNEXCUSED.

Tardy Procedures

Students are expected to arrive at school on time.  Students who

are tardy to class interrup the teacher's instructional program and

the learning process for all students in the class.  Please be on time.

All students are expected to squat down after the bell rings and line up

immediately and at the sound of the whistle ready to be excorted to

class by their teacher.  Tardies are excused for Medical purposes only.

A note from the Doctor's Office must be brought to school for an

excuse to be considered.  Students with unexcused tardies will be

expected to make up the missed class time at recess.  Students who

are repeatedly absent or tardy to school will be referred to the school

district's Chld Welfare and Attendance Office.


Truancy is a serious offense at Eldridge and will be dealt with

severely.  Parents may be fined and referred to the District Attorney

for serious truancy offenses.


Leaving Early

If you're picking up your child early from school,

the only valid excuses are if your child

has a medical or dental appointment. 

You must bring a note from the Doctor's Office

the following school day.